Donations may be made to any of the six P.E.O. projects; the P.E.O. Foundation, and the P.E.O. Sisterhood British Columbia Chapter.  One hundred percent (100%) of donations made to any of our scholarship funds will go to the student recipients.  

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The P.E.O. Projects:

Educational Loan Fund (ELF):  Provides needs based, low interest loans to women students (maximum loan $12,000 or $20,000 for PhD’s)
P.E.O. Continuing Education Fund (PCE):  A needs based grant which provides up to $3000 to women resuming their educational studies after a minimum 2 year absence.
International Peace Scholarship (IPS):  Provides $10,000 scholarships to international students pursuing graduate studies in the United States. and Canada who will be returning to their native country upon completion of their studies.
P.E.O. Scholar Award (PSA):  Provides a $15,000 merit based scholarship to women pursuing a PhD program in the United States or Canada.
STAR Scholarship:  Provides a $2500 merit based award to high school seniors entering post-secondary institutions.

Cottey College

A liberal arts women’s college located in Missouri offering 2 and 4 year programs with significant financial aid programs. Give to Cottey

The P.E.O. Foundation

The P.E.O. Foundation administers several funds which are designated specifically for British Columbian Students
B.C. PCE Grant:  Provides PCE grants to BC recipients.
Bertha O’Clarke PCE Grant:  Provides PCE grants to BC recipients.
Juanita Davis P.E.O. Scholar Award:  Provides P.E.O. Scholar Awards to BC recipients. 
Veronica (Vi) Bailey, Chapter AQ, General Scholarship Fund:  Provides scholarships for women attending a post-secondary educational institute.  Awards are given in US dollars and recipients are recommended by the scholarship committee of Chapter AQ.

P.E.O. Sisterhood British Columbia Chapter

B.C. Cottey College Scholarship:  Provides scholarships to BC students attending Cottey College.
B.C. Cottey College Travel Fund:  Provides travel assistance to BC students attending Cottey College.

Donations by P.E.O. Chapters:

Chapter donations may be made at any time.  Donations will appear in the Annual Convention Proceedings if they are received by January 31st.  Please use the Chapter donation form found on the ‘Chapter Resources’ page and mail to the Provincial Treasurer with a cheque made payable to:  “P.E.O. Sisterhood British Columbia Chapter”. 

Donations by Individuals:

Personal donations can be made to any of the P.E.O. Projects, the P.E.O. Foundation or Cottey College on the P.E.O. International website ( under “Giving Opportunities”.

For donations to the British Columbia Chapter funds and scholarships, please contact the current Provincial Treasurer or BC Executive